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Arranged a $60 million synthetic lease for the construction and permanent financing of a technology manufacturing facility. Conducted an RFP, selected the lenders, formed the internal and external team of accountants, attorneys, and bankers and managed the financing from start to finish to close the project in a record five week period, saving considerable legal and consulting fees.

Arranged over $50 million in short term working capital facilities for a variety of companies using multiple structures. Handled all aspects, including lender solicitation, document negotiation, and post-closing compliance.

Arranged over $75 million in leasing facilities. handled all aspects of work associated with closing each lease, including identifying leasable assets, selecting lease vendors, gathering required documentation, reviewing/negotiating all closing lease documents, and providing accounting information for the company’s general ledger staff to verify leases were booked correctly.


Treasury Technology

Implemented a wide variety of technology solutions for our clients including bank workstations, custodian workstations, and interfacing clients’ GL systems with their banking systems for automated posting of accounts receivable, account reconciliation and positive pay, and check printing systems. In addition we have assisted in incorporating the needs of the treasury department into the design phase of new enterprise accounting software selections.

Conducted requests for proposals for laser check printing systems, selected the appropriate vendors, installed the system, established written operating and audit procedures to take into consideration security requirements and conducted all staff training.

Risk Management

Prepared annual renewal specifications and arranged broker presentations for our clients’ complete insurance requirements (including property, general liability, directors and officers, workers compensation, bonding lines, fiduciary and fidelity coverage, and others). Recommended program structures to optimize cash flow or minimize costs, negotiated pricing and broker compensation, and reviewed renewal policies for compliance with specifications.

Managed million dollar-plus property, business interruption and boiler/machinery insurance claims. Prepared business interruption and property damage loss calculations with complete supporting detail and negotiated for successful settlement with insurance carriers.


Cash Management and Cash Forecasting

Implemented medium term rolling cash forecasts for several fast paced companies. Maintained the forecasts on a weekly basis, prepared weekly reports showing current status along with sensitivity analysis for multiple scenarios, and prepared monthly reports reconciling the forecast to the company’s budget.

Developed daily cash positioning models and processes to maximize investable cash, minimize overdrafts, and provide detailed information on cash transactions for month end journal entries, which results in a faster month end close of cash and easier account reconciliation.

Conducted several rfps for the selection of lead foreign and domestic cash management banks. Selected the appropriate banks, prepared all documentation and, working with bank resources, trained staff on the use of all bank products and services.

Conducted rfps to select investment managers and custodians, ranked candidates, negotiated closing documentation and established monitoring and performance evaluation criteria to ensure performance according to expectations.

Working at the clients’ sites, managed the inhouse short term fixed income portfolios (sizes ranging from $60 million to $400 million) for several companies. Created procedures for internal audit and control, wrote investment policies and monitored compliance, prepared month end performance reports and board packages, and prepared month end closing entries in compliance with FAS 115 on portfolios managed by third parties.


International Treasury Operations

Established international banking programs by structuring collection and disbursement accounts and related bank products to meet the needs of several companies with operations in Asia and Europe. Implemented all banking products along with a cash forecasting program to monitor and manage international cash positions.

Developed foreign exchange exposure tracking processes and wrote desktop procedures for implementing and monitoring the companies’ FX hedging strategies.  Tracked and reported exposures monthly.

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