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Renew or Update Your Insurance Program

Most companies have a good insurance broker to advise them on the right structure and type of insurance coverage for their business.  However, preparing for the annual renewal by gathering valuation data, circulating and completing questionnaires, and gathering loss experience information can be very time consuming.  And unfortunately, the task cannot be put off because this information is critical to making a favorable impression on underwriters and obtaining fair and competitive quotes for coverage before policies expire. 

TMS can act as your extra set of hands to gather and present information to your brokers and underwriters.  In addition, we can challenge your brokers to provide creative and cost effective solutions to meeting your risk management needs.  We will evaluate and follow up on all proposals, guiding your brokers to bring the best package of coverage and price to your table.  TMS has traveled to London to meet with Lloyds and other underwriters of the complicated D & O, E & O, and partnership liability coverages.  We have also managed the complex renewals of policies covering over $1 billion in income-generating fixed assets.

TMS can also help with your unexpected property and casualty claims. We have successfully negotiated over $5 million in various property damage claims including two claims involving the near total destruction of prime income generating assets of our client.  TMS can come in immediately after the incident to establish accounting and tracking procedures and manage the financial side of the repair or rebuilding process in order to maximize your recovery.


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