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Raise Money for Capital Equipment or Real Estate

Todayís capital markets are tighter than ever, and raising money has become one of the most difficult tasks for the treasurer or CFO.  Knowing what markets to approach and how to structure your transaction will greatly enhance its chances for successful approval.  Treasury Management Solutions can serve you in two ways:

  • Over the past four years, we have successfully closed over $1.5 billion in equipment leases, synthetic real estate leases, and working capital loans and lines.  We know what markets to approach, and how to use creative structure to overcome obstacles.  Our approach has been to think outside of the envelope in order to meet the requirements of both the lender and the customer in a timely fashion.

  • TMS has strong background in corporate lending and leasing, with several of our consultants having significant corporate banking or leasing backgrounds prior to joining our firm.  We can offer you bandwidth when you are crunching to close a deal by assisting with deal structure, document negotiations, and covenant projections and negotiation.

  • Workout assistance:  Sometimes things donít go as planned.  If you need to restructure or renegotiate your lease or loan transaction, TMS can help find a balanced approach to solving your problems.  Our leasing staff has had considerable success during tough negotiating sessions in getting the results you need to run your business.

Success Stories:

Fast Turn Around Time Saves the Synthetic Lease Option

TMS presented the concept of using a synthetic real estate lease to one of our clients who had a six week deadline for providing a deposit on land they intended to purchase for plant expansion.  We solicited proposals from three lenders, selected a finalist, obtained credit approval, negotiated terms and conditions, rallied support and approval for the transaction from the companyís auditors, and closed the deal with a week to spare.  Our quick response allowed the client to use the synthetic lease option, which would not have been available once they had placed a deposit on the land (synthetic leases are typically precluded once the customer has created an equity interest in the property).

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