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Expanding Your Banking Relationships Internationally

Moving across borders can be a complicated undertaking. Tax laws, government regulations, traditions, and customs that are unique to each country make creating an efficient international banking system challenging. Treasury Management Solutions has implemented cross-border banking solutions that are dove-tailed to the special needs of each client.

Our proven process will help you decide what solutions are right for you. Sometimes this is as simple as choosing the right bank or banks. Other times, we need to consider changes to the business process to facilitate an efficient flow of funds. We look at your FX considerations, your need for netting or pooling, your goals for repatriation of funds or employment of funds in the foreign business enterprise, and your needs for transactional banking services. TMS will review your requirements and

  • Design a cross border cash management strategy
  • Conduct an RFP or RFI to select financial partners
  • Implement the plan
  • Train your staff
  • Follow up to ensure the plan is working well


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