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Changing Banks or Improving Your Service Level or Pricing

Our firm has worked on numerous recent bank conversions or enhancements of existing relationships. Our focus is on making sure your company is using the right set of products in the most cost-effective manner. Sometimes this includes training your staff so that processing costs and service fees are reduced. Other times, we may recommend a bank change or an enhancement or upgrade of the products and services used from your existing bank. Even a small project, in terms of consulting hours, can lead to large, long term savings.

Some projects simply entail refining your business processes, eliminating unneeded services, and negotiating better pricing with your banks. Other projects may call for a complete overhaul of your outdated treasury operations.

Would you like to bring your treasury department into the new millennium? Technology has definitely changed our life for the better when it comes to banking. Get into the space age by looking at solutions in the following areas:

  • Electronic data transfer: Donít do things the old fashioned way, working with diskettes or reams of paper showing your cancelled checks. We can assist you with technological solutions for account reconcilement and reverse positive pay, which may significantly lower your monthly bank charges while simultaneously reducing fraud risk. Perpetual reconciliation is easy and time-saving! Who wants more work at month end? Look into this great solution today!
  • Imaging services: The development of imaging products has created significant internal cost reduction opportunities, particularly for decentralized companies or those using multiple lockboxes. TMS can guide you through the ways of taking advantage of this technology in your operations. Plus an added bonus: Faster receivables posting and no paper to file!
  • Sick of printing, signing, and reconciling checks each month? ACH payments are as easy as pie with the right set up in place. Imagine a world in which expense reimbursements are processed quickly and painlessly, with automatic transfer of payments from your bank each week? Once your A/P personnel have verified payments, and you have approved them for payment, your computer can handle the rest, sweeping up and transmitting eligible payments on predetermined schedules. TMS can help you set up this functionality in your system, train your staff on the new processes, and support you through the post implementation process.
  • How could we leave out the Treasury Workstation? The saving grace for all bustling treasury departments, a workstation can help you keep staff costs from escalating and can integrate your banking transactions into the rest of your ERP system, greatly speeding up the month end close and saving you money as well! The added bonus: Cash positioning becomes a breeze! Since workstations represent a significant upfront investment, TMS can help by selecting the appropriate vendor, negotiating pricing, and managing the installation process. Another benefit to help your bottom line: Our fees can usually be capitalized into the project costs.


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